18S S30/5FK 20110609


PCR cocktail: 
Component Volume (ul) Mix (ul)
Forward primer  0.5  
Reversed primer 0.5   
DNA  2  
Total volume  25
Forward primer(s): 
Thermal cycling (abbreviated): 
95ºC@4min, 35x(94ºC@30sec, 52ºC@30sec, 72ºC@30sec), 72ºC@10min
Thermal cycling: 
Step Comment Cycles Time (sec) Temperature (°C)
Initialization For DNA polymerases that need hot-start heat activation 1 240  95
Denaturation DNA melting producing single-stranded DNA  
Amplification   35 -  -
Denaturation DNA melting producing single-stranded DNA
 - 30 94 
Annealing The primer binds to the template  - 30 52 
Extension The DNA polymerase synthesizes new DNA  - 30  72
Final elongation Any remaining single-stranded DNA is extended 1 600  72
Final hold Short-term storage 1 -
2 sample tubes are labeled as UJ10-85. The one on Karin's list is Philactinoposthia sp. Actinoposthiidae. This one (no. 12 on PCR list) is the second tube , labeled as Sagittiferidae.
Reversed primer(s): 
File attachments: 
Products and Equipment: 

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