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Diversity and Systematics of Acoela and Nemertodermatida

Hyper-Cryptic Marine Meiofauna: Species Complexes in Nemertodermatida

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2014
Authors:I. Meyer-Wachsmuth, Curini-Galletti, M., Jondelius, U.
Journal:PLOS One
Start Page:1
Date Published:09/1014

<p>Nemertodermatida are microscopically small, benthic marine worms. Specimens of two nominal species, Sterreria psammicola and Nemertinoides elongatus from 33 locations worldwide were sequenced for three molecular markers. Species delimitation and validation was done using gene trees, haplotype networks and multilocus Bayesian analysis. We found 20 supported species of which nine: Nemertinoides glandulosum n.sp., N. wolfgangi n.sp., Sterreria boucheti n.sp., S. lundini n.sp., S. martindalei n.sp., S. monolithes n.sp., S. papuensis n.sp., S. variabilis n.sp. and S. ylvae n.sp., are described including nucleotide-based diagnoses. The distribution patterns indicate transoceanic dispersal in some of the species. Sympatric species were found in many cases. The high level of cryptic diversity in this meiofauna group implies that marine diversity may be higher than previously estimated.</p>

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